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Golden Nuggets: The C.J. Beathard Era Begins

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Monday, October 16th, 2017 edition.

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Good morning folks, it’s been a big weekend for 49ers, and it’s time to start processing what’s happening. First, we are, in fact, 0-6. The good news is that the Giants won the Sunday night game, helping move them further from the #1 overall pick. The bad news, however, is that the Browns are still tied with us at 0-6, and they’ve scored less, but been scored on more than us. This means that, through 6 games, they’re worse than us in both major phases.

As Washington Redskins HC Jay Gruden told his squad this week, the 49ers are a team that are a handful of plays away from having a one-loss record. Well, he was technically right, and continues to be right after the final whistle blew. The 49ers have now made NFL history by losing a fifth straight game by 3 points or less. The past 5 games have been lost by a combined 13 points.

Anyway, the D.J. Hardbeats C.J. Beathard era has officially begun in San Francisco, as the young QB replaced Brian Hoyer after 11 attempts, and was named starter for week 7 later on Sunday evening. While it’s far too early to crown him our savior, Beathard led the offense to 24 points that they might not have seen otherwise. His final drive was roughly 5 yards away from field goal range that would have given the 49ers a real chance to win, but yet another last minute OPI call left him at 3rd and forever with no timeouts and precious few seconds remaining. Tough break for the kid, but he showed some real grit out there, and looks to be something of an upgrade over the consistently below-average Hoyer.

Other than that, NaVorro Bowman has meetings scheduled with the Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys, and news has leaked that a deal was agreed upon with the New Orleans Saints, sending them Bowman in return for a 7th round draft pick. Former NFL player Colin Kaepernick has begun the process of taking the league to court, with the belief that they were colluding to do something or other that he didn’t like.

On to the good stuff-

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