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Watch Frank Gore destroy a pass rusher in pass protection

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Indianapolis Colts Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We talk often about Frank Gore’s climb up the rushing leaderboard, and what it might mean for his Pro Football Hall of Fame case. Today, I thought we’d talk about the other part of his game that is Hall of Fame worthy. How about we watch Frank Gore absolutely own pass rusher Derrick Morgan on Monday Night Football?

Indeed, Frank Gore is a grown ass man when it comes to blitz pickup. People talk about how Gore was usually not the “best” rusher in the NFL in a given year. He led the NFC in rushing in 2006, but otherwise people sometimes try and write off his numbers as quantity over quality.

But when it comes to pass protection, I don’t know of a running back who is better than Gore. He remains a stud when it comes to blocking, and I hope that is something that gets serious consideration when the debate is happening for his Hall of Fame candidacy.

In the meantime, enjoy watching Frank Gore absolutely own Derrick Morgan.