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Is Kyle Shanahan feeling pressure to make changes?

The 49ers continue to make big, big changes. Where are they coming from?

San Francisco 49ers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers have made some big changes that they were probably always going to make, but a lot sooner than most expected them. We knew the relationship with NaVorro Bowman was going to come to a close, but it wasn’t expected this year. We knew that C.J. Beathard would get some time under center this season, but it wasn’t expected until the final weeks.

Previously, it didn’t make sense to move to Beathard over Brian Hoyer. The rookie was raw and it wasn’t clear he did anything noticeably better than Hoyer. Now, the move makes perfect sense despite the fact that nothing has really changed for Beathard.

Then there is the Carlos Hyde trade rumor, though head coach Kyle Shanahan emphatically denied said rumor on Sunday, calling it 100 percent false.

These moves all have me worried — not because they’re the wrong moves, but because I don’t know exactly what Shanahan is thinking.

Jed York has been awful in recent years, and has made terrible decision after terrible decision. He hasn’t earned the benefit of the doubt in regards to my personal faith in his ability to not completely screw everything up. Is there a chance he screws up again?

In my opinion, Shanahan gets two-three years minimum with the 49ers, regardless of what they look like on the field. I feel like York has implied this is the case and that the team won’t be making a chance after yet another one-year coach, but again, I have very little trust for York.

So is Shanahan feeling the desperation? We know he’s a brash coach with a large ego and a short temper, but he’s appeared remarkably calm throughout this process. The 49ers are 0-6 and 13 points separate them from that record and 5-1. It’s a staggering swing for such a small amount of points. Are these losses getting to him at all?

My guess is that no, he’s not feeling pressure that his job is on the line, but he’s feeling the personal pressure of his own expectations. Shanahan doesn’t just want to do better. He needs to do better. And the 49ers are making big decisions with things not exactly working. It’s a bold strategy, and probably the right one. We’ll see if that holds up.