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49ers players Reuben Foster, Ray-Ray Armstrong targeted in attempted armed robbery, per report

Two 49ers linebackers were reportedly held up by men with firearms while clubbing in San Francisco following the team’s loss in Week 6.

NFL: Denver Broncos at San Francisco 49ers Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers linebackers Reuben Foster and Ray-Ray Armstrong were the targets of armed robbery hours after the team’s game against Washington on Sunday, according to

Foster and Armstrong were reportedly enjoying the club scene at “Love and Propaganda” in the early hours of Monday morning when Foster noticed a white Audi with tinted windows “repeatedly casing the premises.” This caused Foster to be worried that he would be robbed, and he went on to give his watch and rings to a female friend in the club.

He, Armstrong and another friend then reportedly asked a security guard to escort them to their vehicle, which did nothing to deter the people in the Audi, who pulled up to the 49ers wearing masks and white hoodies while equipped with an assault rifle and a handgun, respectively.

At this point, Foster, Armstrong, the other friend and the security guard all bolted immediately and got away from the encounter. The would-be muggers also retreated, while both Foster and Armstrong called the police after ending up at a local hotel. There were no injuries and no possessions were lost.

This is incredibly scary. It’s a good thing they’re players in their prime and can run away fast and all, and apparently the muggers weren’t willing to go all the way with it and actually use their weapons, but it could have easily went the other way.

The report goes on to reference two veteran police officers, one who praised the players for making the decision to run immediately, and one who noted that it could easily have gone bad for them.

While the 49ers are reportedly looking into it, I’m sure this is pretty much the end of the story, unless there happens to be some kind of video footage of the Audi. I’ve noticed some pointing out that young 49ers players were partying at 2 a.m. on a Monday and whether or not this would bother Kyle Shanahan or John Lynch, but I don’t see it.

They’re young, just hours after a game and probably the absolute best time to go out and have some fun before another tough work week. This part of the incident doesn’t bug me in the slightest.

The armed robbers, on the other hand, are a major concern. Thankfully, nobody was harmed.