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49ers depth chart: Kyle Shanahan appears all in on C.J. Beathard

Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers are ready to figure out what they have in C.J. Beathard.

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns have unsettled quarterback situations, but it would appear they are approaching the issue in different ways. Hue Jackson started rookie DeShone Kizer coming out of training camp, benched him in Week 5, and has now moved him back into the starting lineup for Week 7. Not exactly ideal handling one would think.

On the other hand, Kyle Shanahan started Brian Hoyer in Week 1, and benched him in Week 6. We don’t know what the final ten games will bring, but Shanahan’s comments to FOX Sports announcer Chris Myers last week suggest he won’t be going back to Hoyer barring injury. The announcing crew meets with coaches and players during the week leading up to a game, and on Sunday (at the 5:28 mark of the 2nd quarter - h/t @rjmadrid, @sportsguynj17), Myers said that Shanahan told him about C.J. Beathard, “Once I go there, if you don’t win, you really can’t go back.”

The quotation marks are what Myers said Shanahan said to him, so I don’t now if Myers was exactly quoting him, or paraphrasing what Shanahan said to him during the week. After Sunday’s game, Shanahan was asked if Beathard showed him enough to take the starting job from Hoyer. Shanahan quickly said yes. On Monday, when asked if he saw Beathard as the starter going forward, Shanahan said yes.

This is not exactly a shocking revelation, given the state of the 49ers right now. However, in light of how the Browns are handling their quarterback situation, I thought it was an interesting comment worth noting.