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Fantasy football, Week 5: Trent Taylor is an intriguing PPR waiver wire candidate

The 49ers find themselves with a solid pass catcher developing.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers dropped to 0-4 on Sunday, but we are continuing to see wide receiver Trent Taylor emerge as a solid threat. He is not a guy who will put up 100 yards with any sort of regularity this season, but he is developing into a consistent enough threat that some fantasy football leagues could find value in him.

If you play in a PPR league, there is a lot of depth at the wide receiver position. There are plenty of receivers who can load up on catches even when they are not getting many yards. Taylor could be developing into that kind of player. After nabbing one catch for eight yards in Week 1, Taylor has slowly increased his haul. In Week 2, he had two receptions for six yards. In Week 3, he had three receptions for 32 yards and a touchdown. In Week 4, he finished with five receptions fro 47 yards.

Most important in Week 4 is that he was targeted ten times. That was second to Aldrick Robinson, and ahead of Pierre Garçon, who had been the team’s No. 1 target. Taylor benefited from Marquise Goodwin leaving with an injury, but he is proving incredibly sure-handed through two games.

Taylor is not a guy you’ll want to move into the starting lineup with regularity, but he could develop into an intriguing flex option, and at the very least, a potentially valuable bye week option. And for the 49ers? Well, maybe can offer Brian Hoyer some consistent hands!