Help Wanted: Might this be a possibility?

Jason La Confora, not many people's favorite scribe, wrote an interesting article today about the Patriots' struggles ... opining that their offense, even with injuries, is playing to its usual standard. Conversely, their defense has virtually disappeared, unable to stop anybody. A Super-Bowl favorite, the Patriots' record now stands at 2-2, and could easily have been worse. Jason's proposed solution: Since Brady is nowhere near being done (Jason's opinion), upgrade the defense (defensive line and safety) by being willing to trade QB Jimmy Garoppolo (and perhaps other players) to obtain it. His reasoning was that Brady isn't going anywhere and the Patriots cannot afford to tag Garoppolo or otherwise sign him to a big extension as long as Brady is still around. (You may recall that the Patriots already traded their former QB#3, Jacoby Brissett, to Indianapolis in exchange for WR Phillip Dorsett. Accordingly, they have Brady and Garoppolo on the Final-53 and rookie Taylor Heinicke on their Practice Squad. You may also know, since signing CB Stephon Gilmore in free agency, CB Malcolm Butler isn't getting much playing time but has trade value.)

The Niners could obviously use help at QB and CB, among other positions. Beyond that, Armstead (ideally a 3-4 DE) doesn't really have a solid position on the DL anymore and a decision must be made as to whether to extend Reid, given the emergence of Jacquiski Tartt. With all of that in mind, how about this as a possible trade before the trade deadline:

The Niners trade DL Arik Armstead and S Eric Reid to New England in exchange for QB Jimmy Garoppolo and CB Malcolm Butler

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