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49ers-Cowboys: Dallas remains the team I can’t not hate

No, you’re a double negative.

Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I like the Oakland Raiders. I don’t particularly mind the Green Bay Packers. None of the NFC West teams have been historically important enough to draw my ire, save for a brief period in Los Angeles Rams history. I don’t hold any grudges against the New York Giants for those playoff games.

But [site decorum] the Dallas Cowboys.

Truthfully, I think the NFL is a more interesting entity when the Raiders are good. I find myself rooting for the NFC West when the 49ers are out of it, and Richard Sherman doesn’t really bother me. The 49ers’ own long, slow, collective fart they laid in every game against Brett Favre isn’t something that moves the needle.

But [site decorum] the Dallas Cowboys.

The term “Sixburgh” honestly doesn’t upset me in any way. I’m not a fan of the man playing quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers presently, but even their own historical greatness and higher numbers of Super Bowls aren’t enough to upset me. The New England Patriots and the audacity of their fans to call Tom Brady definitively better than Joe Montana doesn’t bug me because I’m secure enough as a 49ers fan.

But [site decorum] the Dallas Cowboys.

I was raised to hate precious few things, and I’ll admit the Raiders were one of those things. But that hatred faded. Something about the Cowboys stuck with me though. I hated how self-aggrandizing their demeanor as a franchise was. “America’s Team” still gets my blood boiling to this day.

And now the Cowboys don’t even have someone as totally [site decorum] rad as Tony Romo for me to try and give them the slightest bit of positivity. Now their figurehead is a running back fighting with the NFL over a domestic abuse punishment and a close-minded owner who routinely misses the point of the larger social issues within the country.

Yeah, there’s nothing likable about them now. Ninety-nine percent of this is petty sports fandom, of course, and I don’t want this post to go a serious direction. I mainly just want to talk about the fact that I just ... I just don’t like the Cowboys. I never have and I never will.

I’m a sports writer. A sports journalist, sometimes. I like to think I’m capable of writing neutral content for SB Nation, but have no qualms about being excessively biased here on Niners Nation. I don’t get to show that bias often, though, so I’m going to just do something cathartic here, if you’ll humor me.

[site decorum] the Cowboys in their [site decorum site decorum site decorum] and [site decorum site decorum] all the way to [site decorum].

Thank you.