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Golden Nuggets: Here comes Beathard

Your 49ers links for Saturday, October 21st 2017

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Yes, I know. I wrote several pieces and yapped on Facebook Live over and over about how I was against C.J. Beathard coming in as the starter, at least right now. I said he wasn’t ready, was too raw, and had one of the most difficult offenses in the league to learn. I said Brian Hoyer was the best chance to win, and the 49ers may not win many games with him, but they weren’t winning any without him.

And it says right here: I still believe that, but this is the right call. As contradictory as this sounds (and I’m aware how contradictory this sounds), the 49ers haven’t won a single game, and some decisions will have to be made this offseason. What kind of example does that set to let Brian Hoyer continue to play like he has? His offensive line hasn’t done him any favors (he can’t even get a handoff out in time), but there’s no ignoring his accuracy and pocket awareness. His play against Washington was horrible. If you don’t produce, it’s time to find someone who will. It’s no secret 49ers will be a big spender on a QB in either free agency or the draft and they have an unknown in C.J. Beathard. He has 10 games. That’s plenty of time to win, for teams to get film on him and adjust, and to see how he adjusts with them. If he can win, or at least look good in that window, he might be a keeper (or a 2nd round trade). If you started him in week 14, you wouldn’t have a large enough size to see how teams adjust once film’s on him.

Hoyer was meant to be a bridge. Win a few games, lose a few, but at least keep things from falling off the rails. Nothing fell off the rails, it just never got moving to begin with. Hence why they are turning to Beathard to continue this season. It’s an 0-6 season, might as well start seeing what else you can do. How much of a joy would it be if Beathard turned out to be the answer?

I like Beathard, and I hope I’m pleasantly surprised. I’m not against starting Beathard, I just thought Hoyer was the better option. Right now, I hope I’m proved wrong.

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