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Time stamps for Matt Maiocco podcast with Joe Montana

One of the greatest QBs to play the game talks about one of the greatest plays of the game

Cincinnati Bengals v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Matt Maiocco continues to get some can’t-miss guests for his podcasts, be it former GMs, executives, or players affiliated with the San Francisco 49ers. 49ers hall of fame quarterback (and one of the greatest to play the position) Joe Montana is the most recent guest, and there’s always more to learn about the 49ers great.

It’s a bit shorter than Maiocco’s usual podcasts, but there’s a lot of great stuff here. Most of the interview centers around Dwight Clark who will be the Levi’s Stadium guest of honor Sunday for Dwight Clark day. A lot of his former teammates will also be on hand to honor the 49ers legend responsible for The Catch.

The time stamps are below, but it’s definitely worth a listen. Montana comes on at the 03:00 mark. Before the interview, it’s a recap of The Catch, with audio clips from Montana and Clark at a recent gathering.

03:00 - All about Dwight Clark Day
03:47 - How he reconnects with the 49ers players he’s played with
04:11 - His relationship with Clark
05:30 - First impressions meeting Clark in 1979 and how their friendship developed
08:05 - About how Clark was recovering from the flu in the NFC Championship
09:07 - The Catch: did he think about throwing it to Freddie Solomon instead of Clark
10:00 - What’s going through his mind after putting the ball up in the air
11:32 - If he ever threw another pass to Clark on the sprint-right option
12:20 - The status of changing Montana Dr. to Montana-Clark Dr.
13:31 - Dwight Clark’s current health
14:32 - Will he speak at Levi’s Stadium Sunday? What is the message he will convey?
16:52 - Does it still feel like his teenage years whenever he meets up with Clark?