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Golden Nuggets: More Deflated Than Tom Brady’s Footballs

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning folks, it’s a tough day in 49er-land, as our team was handed the worst loss they’ve ever been handed in Levi’s Stadium. Nothing was good. CJ “Is Our Future” Beathard was continually harassed, the offense was about as unproductive as unproductive gets, the defense was abused. So much for “5 straight losses of less than 3 points! We might be better than our record!”.

Perhaps the only thing worth mentioning from this bloodletting was Eric Reid getting snaps at inside linebacker. I’ve been (tepidly and non very often, for full transparency) advocating trying Jaquiski Tartt at the linebacker position for a few years now, and this revelation didn’t quite meet my wishes, but it does seem to suggest that we do, in fact, have either enough talent at SS or nearly 0 talent at ILB. Whichever metric of how full glass one wishes to take, it seems that a decision was made to keep the most talent on the field.

I apologize for not rambling on like usual, but there’s really not much to say after this performance.

On to the good(ish) stuff-

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