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2018 NFL Draft order: A look at the three top teams for the No. 1 pick

I don’t expect a pair of 0-16 teams, but a win for the Browns or 49ers is gonna require some serious work.

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 NFL season has seen a host of teams sitting with three or four wins, but the bottom of the pile is relatively clear for the time being. The San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns are winless, and the New York Giants are 1-5. There are three teams sitting with two wins, including the Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Cincinnati Bengals.

We could go into plenty of detail on all these teams, but for the time being, we’ll stick with the team immediately around the 49ers. My guess is the Indianapolis Colts end up behind the Giants at some point, but for now, we’ll hold off on them.

I’ve posted all three schedules in the table below. The real question in my mind is, where do you find a first win for the Browns and 49ers?

Looking at the 49ers schedule, the two that jump at out at me are the Arizona Cardinals at home in Week 9, and the New York Giants at home in Week 10. The Cardinals will be rolling out Drew Stanton, and are a pretty miserable team right now. The next week, they face a Giants team that is struggling to do much of anything. They seemed to get their offense in order against Denver last week, but then regressed this week against Seattle.

The 49ers could very well find a win in any of their games six games following the bye, but does any jump out as close to even, “yea, I can definitely see that”? The Chicago Bears game looked that way to start the season, but the Bears are actually looking pretty solid. That Vic Fangio defense is for real, and that could give the 49ers offense a lot of trouble.

Looking at the Browns schedule, the road game against the Los Angeles Chargers and the home game against the Baltimore Ravens are the two that jump out at me. And yet, much like the 49ers, neither is close to even, “Yea, I can definitely see that happening.” It’s possible, but on the more unlikely side at this point.

I do not think we’ll see a pair of 0-16 teams, and I would be surprised if we saw even a single 0-16 team. I think the 49ers chances against the Cardinals and Giants are higher than anything the Browns have going for them, but even still, it would be a bit of a surprise.

How do you see it shaking out, looking at the schedules below?

49ers, Browns, Giants remaining schedule Week 8

Week 49ers Browns Giants
Week 49ers Browns Giants
8 @ Eagles vs. Vikings BYE
9 vs. Cardinals BYE vs. Rams
10 vs. Giants @ Lions @ 49ers
11 BYE vs. Jaguars vs. Chiefs
12 vs. Seahawks @ Bengals @ Washington
13 @ Bears @ Chargers @ Raiders
14 @ Texans vs. Packers vs. Cowboys
15 vs. Titans vs. Ravens vs. Eagles
16 vs. Jaguars @ Bears @ Cardinals
17 @ Rams @ Steelers vs. Washington