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Prop bet asks whether or not 49ers will go 0-16 on the season

Will the 49ers go winless this year? Now you can bet on it.

Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Bovada has announced their latest NFL odds going into Week 8 and there are some particularly notable things in regards to the San Francisco 49ers. To start, the 49ers are off the board when it comes to odds to win the Super Bowl — along with the winless Cleveland Browns — whereas previously they were listed as 5000/1 odds to do so.

They also are removed from the board for being NFC champions, same as the Browns for the AFC, whereas previously they were listed at 1500/1 odds. They, along with the Browns and the one-win New York Giants, have also been removed from the boards regarding winning the individual divisions — the AFC North for the former, NFC East for the latter and NFC West for the 49ers.

But where things get interesting, at least for me, is when they get to the specific prop bets. They pose the question: will the 49ers go 0-16? They’re offering +1000 (10/1) odds for “Yes” and -5000 (1/50) for “No,” which are the same odds for the same question asked about the Browns.

At the very least, Bovada’s oddsmakers regard the Browns and the 49ers in similar light. I’d think the Browns are the weaker football team overall, but when both have lost seven games thus far this year, it’s hard to feel that either one is being overrated or underrated to any significant degree.

They also have a prop bet for whether or not Colin Kaepernick will play in the CFL in 2017 or 2018, which I think is a pretty insulting question to ask overall, but not exactly something they’re pitching to him directly and besides, they’re not beholding to my personal moral standards. The odds are the same for the 49ers going 0-16, for what it’s worth.

Obviously, for the question about going winless, any numbers aren’t going to be based on any real confidence or lack thereof when comparing the team’s production against their upcoming opponents. It’s simply a wide ballpark figure and we can’t really pull any abundance or lack of respect from it. Will you throw some money at either option?