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Better Rivals podcast: “Is C.J. Beathard going to die?”

David and Oscar sort through what happened to the run defense, check in on C.J. Beathard after his first NFL start, and wonder how the offensive line is going to survive in Philly.

On this week’s episode of the Better Rivals podcast, the 49ers are 0-7 for the first time in nearly four decades and everything is fine. Why did the run defense fall apart? (0:39) How did C.J. Beathard fare in his first career start? (18:17) And which member of the offensive line has been performing much better than expected? (30:43) All that, plus Shanahan unveils a new run play (34:37), D.J. Jones deserves more playing time (38:25), and what to watch for in Philadelphia (45:06).

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