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49ers offering Dwight Clark t-shirt for sale, with proceeds going to Golden Heart Fund

Get an awesome shirt, help retired 49ers.

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The San Francisco 49ers gave away a commemorative Dwight Clark t-shirt this past weekend against the Dallas Cowboys, and fans quickly asked if it would be available for sale. Now, they are making the shirt available to all fans!

The team announced Wednesday evening that the Dwight Clark shirt will be made available online and at the team store. If you want to purchase it online, you can buy the men’s version here, and the women’s version here (use code DC87 for free shipping).

All net proceeds are going to the new Golden Heart Fund, which was created by former players to help their old teammates. The 49ers have helped finance the fund, giving an initial $1 million donation, offering 50 percent of all proceeds from 49ers Museum tours, all money raised from their game-day raffle this past Sunday, and all net proceeds from Dwight Clark merchandise that was on sale this past Sunday.

The Golden Heart Fund is critical in helping out players who are dealing with an assortment of issues in retirement. The NFL has done a piss-poor job helping out retired players in numerous ways. Until the league and the NFLPA get their [site decorum] together and really help out their retired players, things like this are necessary.

The Dwight Clark shirt is pretty awesome, so I highly recommend buying one. You get a great shirt, and you contribute to a worthy cause.