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Do the 49ers have to fire someone if they go 0-16?

Is there something crucially wrong that can’t get better if the team goes winless in 2017-18?

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There have been a few people here in the comments suggesting that the San Francisco 49ers would have to make some kind of change if they go 0-16 or even 0-15 on the season. I haven’t seen anybody suggest that John Lynch or Kyle Shanahan should be fired, but there are those who maintain that somebody should get canned if the 49ers end up with that bad of a record.

I personally don’t agree — I don’t think going without a win while rebuilding and transitioning in the way that the 49ers are right now indicates that somebody, somewhere in the chain isn’t doing their job and has to be fired. Some people feel that way, though, and I want to know how many.

Do you think that somebody should be fired if things continue the way they are? I suppose the implication here is that somebody on the coaching staff or in the front office would have to be fired. I think the player portion of those moves has already started with NaVorro Bowman released and the likelihood that guys such as Eric Reid and maybe even Carlos Hyde don’t re-sign with the 49ers in the offseason.

Again, I don’t subscribe to this line of thinking. I think, if the 49ers are going to be good again, Jed York needs to step far, far back and give the guys he hires multiple years to get things done. Maybe in the end, Shanahan and Lynch aren’t the answer an they have to go, but that’s not a decision that should be made after one year, nor should any of their top lieutenants be on the chopping block.

What do you guys think?