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Eric Reid looks to Patrick Willis for advice on linebacker

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NFL: Denver Broncos at San Francisco 49ers Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

By now most of you have heard all the hubbub about San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid being moved to linebacker. He’s going to the meetings, he’s lining up the position, and probably working on his resume because he might be out of Santa Clara when the season ends.

Regardless, Reid is taking his new role the best he can. He calls it a new challenge and welcomes it. Since he’s pretty much put into linebacker now, the next thing to do is talk to some of those who played the position, and if you’re going to learn about the linebacker position, you might as well consult a former teammate. So Reid wasted no time hitting up former San Francisco 49ers middle linebacker Patrick Willis:

Willis hasn’t responded, but if there’s anyone on his team to ask about his stance, it’s Willis. Willis was a feared man on the field who made his pressence known the moment he stepped onto the field his rookie season.

Perhaps this move isn’t a total disaster and genius by the 49ers coaching staff. Hopefully Willis can give Reid some pointers.