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Madden 18 simulation: 49ers-Eagles

This isn’t going to end well

Well last week sucked.

No sooner did I think the 49ers could hang with the Dallas Cowboys, thanks to some interesting simulations, they go in and do...well that.

This week isn’t much better, they have the Philadelphia Eagles. Let’s see how bad this is.

Notable inactives for 49ers: Trent Brown (OT), K’Waun Williams (CB) Aaron Lynch (DE)
Notable inactives for Eagles: Jordan Hicks (LB)
Quarter Length: 6:00
Games Simulated: 3
Note: Eric Reid was manually moved to the ROLB position

The Madden commentary is horrible

This has nothing to do with the simulation, but I find it hilarious the commentary still hasn’t been tweaked year in and year out. Last year, I remember a sound byte indicating that Vance McDonald was one of the best pass catchers in the NFL. Today I hear at the start of the game that “We have two of the most prolific passers in the league.”

Uh...C.J. Beathard has had only one start and he’s already that? Ok. I guess that’s good?

49ers defense got trounced again

While the 49ers found themselves in two of the three games, they also found themselves with the Eagle’s offense having their way with them. The Eagles just couldn’t score—strange. In two games, the eagles managed over 300 yards of total offense. LeGarrette Blount failed to get to 100 yards twice, however in the third simulated game he wound up with 131 yards, making his average come out to 102 yards. Wendall Smallwood was right behind him averaging around 85 yards.

Eric Reid isn’t a good linebacker in Madden

Reid averaged 5.5 solo tackles with 3.5 assists. And that’s his stat line. No picks, no sacks, just 5.5 tackles.

C.J. Beathard struggles

The 49ers rookie quarterback averaged 128 yards passing. His completion average? 40 percent. This includes the third game, an absolute stinker where the 49ers were blown out 37-0. Beathard completed just seven passes for a cool 59 yards the entire game. He had only one interception which is surprising given the Eagles defense, but this doesn’t bode well for Sunday.

Final Score: 26-9

The 49ers were in two of the games. One where they lost on a walk-off field goal by the Eagles and another by 10 points with a late touchdown pass. The third game was a 37-0 drubbing that very well could be indicative of what happens on Sunday. I really don’t want to say they lose by 37 points, and that they lost by a modest 21. But who am I kidding? Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch have their work cut out for them with this roster.