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49ers-Eagles weather report: Forecast of rain, wind could make things a little sloppy

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said rain might impact his play-calling, at least a little bit.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A Nor-easter is expected to make its way through the east coast on Sunday, and it could result in some sloppy conditions for a lot NFL games in the northeast. Certain areas will get it worse than others, but at the very least, expect a lot of rain at most games in the region.

The San Francisco 49ers are on the road facing the Philadelphia Eagles, and things could get a little sloppy. It has been raining through the morning, and that is expected to continue all day. predicts “heavy thunderstorms” at kickoff, and Cam Inman saw a local weather forecast that called a “firehose of moisture” late in the game.

Rain is never a good thing for football, particularly if it’s coming down particularly heavy. But a bigger issue in bad weather is wind given what it can do to passes. Reports suggest winds in the 15-20 mph range. That will have some impact, but it could be worse in that regard.

Accuweather had this to say about the game, focusing on potential south end zone issues.

A wet, mild day is forecast in south Philadelphia as the Eagles welcome the 49ers to town.

Temperatures will remain in the middle to upper 60s during the game, but combination of wind and rain will keep AccuWeather ReelFeel® Temperatures in the 50s.

Fans will need to bring jackets and appropriate rain gear to the game and any tailgates they are attending before kickoff.

The wind will be from the southeast at 12-22 mph with stronger gusts. Teams driving toward the southern end zone will be at a disadvantage kicking and passing into this gusty wind.

In addition to the wind, the steady rainfall will make it more difficult to gain traction and cleanly handle the football at times.

The 49ers have been a 13 point underdog for much of the week, although that has come down to 12.5 points late in the week. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has said heavier rain could have at least a little bit of an impact on his play-calling. The rain very well could help the 49ers keep this thing close. At the same time, that assumes they don’t have their own significant issues in inclement weather. C.J. Beathard likely played in some rough weather during his career at Iowa, but we’ll see what he looks like in potentially ugly weather.