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Niners Nation DOOM Index: Post Week 8 loss to the Eagles edition

It’s like I wrote this game myself.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers have abandoned the pretense and changed strategies on Sunday, going from playing close, fun games to losing crushing blowouts while showing absolutely nothing positive. As an added bonus, injuries have become even more prevalent and I honestly, as I write this, can’t recall everyone who is presently injured.

They’re not tanking and I don’t think that Shanahan has lost his grip on this team, I just think they’re bad for a lot of reasons and losing is only making things worse. I can’t imagine morale is high and it sure doesn’t help that so many changes are being made. It’s probably best for the future, but it’s not great for the now.

But right now — and in the future — the 49ers are incredibly doomed. Zane Beadles, harbinger of doom, is back in the lineup, at least temporarily, and everything is bad. Plus C.J. Beathard looked terrible, so it’s not like we can even pretend that things are fine on that front. They’re not.

It was a rough game, with Beathard throwing not just one but a couple picks. The running game didn’t look great. The offensive line got manhandled for the full 60 minutes. I’m going to have my hands full doing film study on the sacks later. Every promising player on the roster now appears to be injured.

Everything about the play above is ugly, isn’t it? There is no way that pass is anything other than an interception and then to make matters worse, the 49ers can’t even come close to making the tackle, leading to a touchdown. Everything is bad and we’re all doomed.

I did, however, make this sick Zane Beadles Spotify playlist ya’ll can jam to.

That playlist just about sums up my feelings on Beadles, and the 49ers in general when you take the final track into account. I mean, The Diarrhea Song is probably a good anthem for the 2017-18 49ers in general.

We have to be thinking that this 49ers team is at least comparable to some of the worst teams in the franchise’s history, right?

Things aren’t even interesting anymore. I used to find value in mapping the drive charts and seeing what packages Shanahan is using in his first year as a coach and I’m convinced things have been simplified so much since the first few games that there’s nothing there to even gain intellectually.

You can find past results from the Niners Nation DOOM Index at this gallery right here. Things, obviously, are not going super well and the trends are heading more and more in the direction of all of us being completely and utterly doomed.

To take a brief step back from the precipice of doom and the crushing agony of 49ers defeat, I have a quick, unrelated message of hope.

I would like to call attention to this fanpost I made regarding an upcoming 49-hour charity stream I will be hosting to benefit UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals in the California Bay Area. We’re trying to raise some money to help sick kids and while we’ve had a stressful and at times productive time arguing various issues over the past several months here on Niners Nation, I daresay the thought that sick kids should never be sick or without the care they need is one thing we can all agree on.

Please visit the fanpost or go straight to our donation page for more info about our stream, which will include a long sports block and my wedding to my fiancee. The stream begins Saturday, November 4 at 7 a.m. ET but you can donate now and I earnestly request that you do so if you can. Every little bit helps.

Thank you so much. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

How doomed are the 49ers, really, though?


How doomed are the 49ers?

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    C.J. Beathard Is Our Future Doomed (Kinda Doomed)
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