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Carlos Hyde: ‘I’m loving the fight’

The 49ers running back says this year’s team is different

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers had another heart breaking loss in Phoenix and the mood in the locker room was somber, but somehow different than last season. Maybe it’s because several of the games have been within reach? Maybe it’s because of the confidence in the coaching staff? What ever the reason is, the team still believes. Carlos Hyde spoke about the fight:

I’m loving the fight. If I’m comparing this year to last year, the fight is there. We keep fighting. We’re close. This is the third straight game where we could have walked away with a win. We’re going to get it. If guys keep that fight, we’re going to get it. It’s just a matter of time. And once we get it, nobody is going to be able to stop us.

Another reason there is hope on this team is that they see many of their mistakes as correctable. Kyle Shanahan mentioned as much in his post game press conference as well. What does Hyde think they need to do?

Just staying locked in. It’s loud in there, so we had some false starts. We just need to lock in. It’s just little stuff. We’re just shooting ourselves in the foot. We’ll clean it up.

You’re going to make mistakes in this game. You just have to look past those mistakes and forward to the next play.

Hyde played through some pain in Arizona with an injured oblique. He played 58 snaps or 69 percent. The remainder of the snaps were played by Matt Breida.

I felt alright. I didn’t feel like myself all the way, but I felt like I could still be effective. I had to manage it a little bit, just taking a breather. It still felt good. We’ll see tomorrow. I played a whole game today, so we’ll see tomorrow how I feel. Right now I feel fine. I felt it a little bit in the game, but it didn’t slow me down, so we’ll see tomorrow.

Hyde said he still felt good enough to take the ball on third down of the final drive of overtime.

I always want the ball. Whatever play coach calls, that’s our job as a player to go out and execute. It was a pass play, so I had to do my job. I thought we had a chance to walk away with a game-winner. That’s a good team, though. They made plays, got into position to win the game and walked away with it.

Shanahan confirmed that Hyde doesn't feel great, similar to last week. This indicates he may be limited in practice this week but should be ready to play on Sunday in Indianapolis.