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Anonymous NFL GMs: John Lynch runs trade offers past Kyle Shanahan

Not exactly a shocking revelation

NFL: San Francisco 49ers-Press Conference Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

When the San Francisco 49ers hired John Lynch to serve as general manager, and Kyle Shanahan to serve as head coach, a common buzzword was partnership. We saw features during the draft about it, and both men have regularly talked about the importance of having a true partnership. Considering how things went south under Trent Baalke, it seems fairly reasonable.

The partnership is apparently on display as the 2017 NFL trade deadline approaches. CBS Sports NFL reporter Jason La Canfora spoke with several general managers in advance of Tuesday’s trade deadline. They have been in contact with the 49ers front office, but are finding difficulty getting a deal done. At least one GM thought the 49ers were asking too much for their players, and several took issue with the partnership between Lynch and Shanahan.

"They ask for way too much for anyone you ask about. And John has to run everything past (coach) Kyle (Shanahan) before they do anything." Another exec echoed that sentiment. "Yes, that is 100 percent true. They ask for the moon for everyone, and then when you think you might be getting somewhere, Lynch says that he has to make sure Kyle is on board. It's not a great process."

I really don’t put a lot of value into complaints about the 49ers asking for too much in a trade. People are going to push back on trade offers they don’t like, and I imagine plenty of front offices take issue with valuations of other front offices.

But seeing Lynch and Shanahan talking out trades is interesting, to say the least. When the 49ers first announced the hiring of Lynch and Shanahan, we heard that Lynch had control of the 90-man roster and Shanahan had control of the 53-man roster. Although trades would seemingly fall a little more under the former than the latter, I just wouldn’t see Lynch dealing away 49ers players without having a discussion with Shanahan. Maybe they won’t come to a complete agreement on some potential moves, but of course there will be a discussion. It’s not exactly shocking news.