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49ers-Eagles recap: Players weigh in on an ugly loss

Post-game quotations from OL reserves, Garçon and Reid

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers suffered several injuries facing the Eagles resulting in many players filling in throughout the game. While players did the best they could, the offense struggled mightily, also hindered by the inclement weather.

The defense had a better performance, bouncing back from their disappointing loss facing the Cowboys. A few players new to the team, only having been on the roster days or weeks, stepped up and made an immediate impact. Leger Douzable registered two sacks after only being in Santa Clara since October 17th in his second stint with the team.

After the game, several players spoke about the injuries, the adjustments to the line up and the mood of the team at 0-8.

Brandon Fusco

On playing through a significant number of injuries on the offensive line: “I thought we fought our tails off and dealt with a lot of adversity up front. We just battled and stayed together. If we have the same group up next week, that’s the way it is. If not, it’s next man up. That’s the mentality and we have to move on.”

On the play of reserve offensive lineman Erik Magnuson:

“I think he handled himself well. I tried to calm him down. I don’t think he was too up or too down. I think he held his composure and did a pretty good job. Any questions that he asked me, I tried to help him out and make him feel comfortable.”

On LT Joe Staley’s injury:

“Joe’s our leader. He’s the leader in our room and he’s done many good things for years. For him to go down is tough. I don’t know what’s wrong with him or the extent, but you never want your leader to go down.”

On how close he was to leaving the game despite the team being down to five offensive linemen:

“I knew I wasn’t coming out. You would have had to rip my arm off for me to come out. We just battled today. It wasn’t the prettiest, and we knew coming in that it wasn’t going to be the cleanest. It was a grind-it-out game and I thought the weather was in our favor the way we run the ball. We just couldn’t get it going on offense. Our defense kept us in the game and we kind of let them down, which is disappointing for us. We have to watch this film and get better.”

Erik Magnuson

On what his assignment was on the touchdown pass to RB Matt Breida:

“It was a slide protection and you have to get whomever you can on the right side. I think who I was going against was [Eagles DE] Chris Long, I’m not sure; I can’t remember. We scored so that’s all that matters. It was a good screen-type play that we ran.”

On how much time he’s spent at tackle in practices:

“None really, I was a tackle in college and I came here as a tackle but I haven’t played since OTA’s. I knew what to do for the most part just from knowing our offense. I mean, as an offensive lineman, you have to know what everybody is doing as it’s tied together a little bit. Mentally, it’s not that hard, it’s just technique and being in a lot of space is different as I’m not really used to that. As an offensive lineman, you know what everyone is doing.”

Pierre Garçon

On how tough it is to see the team sustaining all these injuries:

“It’s part of football. Everybody knows you’re always one play away from being [sent out] of the game. So it’s nothing you can do. It’s just the card we’re dealt. We can’t use it as an excuse. We just have to keep playing, regardless of who’s in there. Just know your assignments and keep working hard.”

On what he’s looking forward to in the second half of the season:

“Just getting better. We have a lot to work on. Stick to our keys. Make plays on offense when needed and make the defensive plays. We just have to finish drives. Nothing has changed. It’s still football.”

On how difficult this season is after winning a lot in the early part of his career:

“You learn a lot from losing. When you’re winning you think you’re on top of the world, but you learn a lot more from losing. We’ll go back and watch [the film], try to get better. Work on things. Keep learning. Keep taking things away. Just keep playing. You can’t give up.”

On whether injuries to the offensive line affected the deep passing game today:

“I don’t know. Those were the calls. Whatever the coaches call, we do. Injuries don’t affect the gameplan. We just go out and play. We don’t even know who’s injured really.”

On how he thought QB C.J. Beathard held up in the game:

“I see him running a lot. He’s trying to get as many yards as he can. That’s football. Guys are going to get hit. People are going to get hit. But hopefully he’s injury free.”

Eric Reid

On what they saw on tape from Eagles QB Carson Wentz that made them comfortable calling blitzes:

“I think that’s a question for [49ers Defensive Coordinator] Coach [Robert] Saleh. He had some good ones called where we were able to get into the backfield and get him down a couple of times. But when we get back there we have to strip the ball, we have to find a way to get the ball back to our offense.”

On how he felt playing at linebacker today:

“I actually had a lot of fun today despite the loss. Just having the opportunity to hit the quarterback was fun all in itself. Because playing DB, you don’t get that many chances to do so and everybody waits for a chance to get a shot on the quarterback and I was able to do that with the blitz today. So, I had fun.”

On how tough it is to play with so many injuries and so many new players:

“It is tough, but you have to give a lot of credit to those guys because they’re veterans and they’ve played a lot of ball. They’ve come in and learned the playbook and went out there and performed. They stepped up and we need them to keep doing that.”