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Scot McCloughan approves of 49ers trade for Jimmy Garoppolo

The former 49ers GM has had positive things to say about Garoppolo.

St Louis Rams v Washington Redskins Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

Former San Francisco 49ers general manager Scot McCloughan has offered up his opinion on the team’s trade for New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and he approves.

The Patriots have been trying to figure out Garoppolo’s situation, given Tom Brady’s continued strong play and Jimmy G hitting free agency next year. In August, McCloughan spoke with Patriots beat writer Ben Volin about Garoppolo and what the Patriots should do.

McCloughan said at the time he would have kept Garoppolo. He said he thinks Garoppolo can be a strong long-term option, and if a team can have that, they “almost have to keep him.” Of course, considering the mess in Washington with Kirk Cousins, I’m curious how much he pushed on an extension there.

That being said, it is still interesting to see him give the seal of approval for the trade. The 49ers are giving up a high second round pick for a guy they likely hope can be their answer for the next seven to ten years. They still have to figure out his contract, and they have to add talent around him, but for now, McCloughan is a fan.