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Kendrick Bourne switches to jersey No. 84, likely means Jimmy Garoppolo is wearing No. 10

Might be a smart move to get a few more looks in the offense!

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It appears the Jimmy Garoppolo jersey conundrum (that never really developed) has been resolved. Garoppolo wore No. 10 with the New England Patriots prior to his trade to the San Francisco 49ers. Rookie wide receiver Kendrick Bourne wore No. 10 for the 49ers the first eight weeks of the regular season. On Tuesday, Bourne tweeted he has switched to No. 84.

Garoppolo is expected to arrive at the 49ers Santa Clara facility at 1:30 p.m. PT. My guess is he has not spoken with many, if any, of his new teammates. Given Bourne’s rookie status, and recent activations to the game-day roster, this might be a smart decision on his part.

A new quarterback will be looking to build chemistry with all his quarterbacks. Maybe proactively giving up No. 10 will help Bourne get a few more looks on game day. We also don’t actually know if No. 10 is the jersey Garoppolo will roll with moving forward, but if it is, good move by Bourne to cozy up to his new QB early!