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Frank Gore likes where the 49ers are headed

He was gushing in praise of his former team.

San Francisco 49ers v St. Louis Rams Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Frank Gore is in his third season with the Indianapolis Colts, but in his heart he will always love the San Francisco 49ers. Gore spoke to the media on Wednesday in advance of Sunday’s 49ers-Colts game, and his passion for the 49ers organization was apparent.

Gore acknowledged that the Colts have been very good to him, but as he said, he spent 10 years as a member of the 49ers. The fans and organization respect all that he accomplished, and in turn, he remains hopeful for the future of the team. Gore admitted being bitter after the team only offered him a one-year deal, but he understood it was just business, and he always wishes them success.

“I’d been there 10 years,” Gore said. “That’s what I bleed. I was bitter that first year, but that’s the business. That’s the business. I did right for that organization. I played hard. What can they say but great things about me? I want to see them do great.”

During his conference call, there was a pause at one point between questions, and Gore just asked, “What y’all think about the 49ers?”

Initially someone said they’re a young team, but then he just went off about the things he likes about the current team. At one point it felt like he had a depth chart in front of him to go through and see who he liked on the team. He talked in depth about the defensive line and the defense as a whole. When someone asked him about Carlos Hyde, Gore said he’s one of the top backs in the league when he stays healthy. Given Gore’s ability to stay on the field throughout his NFL career, it is certainly

You can listen to his full interview here, with these comments coming in around the 10:47 mark.

“I think they’re going in the right direction. They really play tough. I like that coaching staff and I like what they’re doing on offense. And their defense, that d-line, it plays really hard. Bowman, that safety No. 29, he be around the ball a lot. E Reid was playing good ball before he got hurt. He was looking like his rookie year when he played with us.

“Let me see, let me see who else. Yea, their d-line, I like their d-line. I think they're going to be alright. I think Jed did a great job of picking the guys he picked to run the team. I think they're going to be ok, especially in the NFC West. You know how it is. It goes in circles. I don't think Seattle's the way how they use to be. Arizona -- you know. I think the Rams got a lot better. And San Fran, they’ve got a bunch of good pieces … Once they get that all situated, they’re gonna be back where we was — Make the run for that NFC West.”