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5 Fun Facts with 49ers GM John Lynch

The San Francisco 49ers are rebuilding this team brick-by-brick, and by the looks of things, it's going to take a little time. That being said, even at 0-4, there are positives with this 49ers team, and those come in the form of the young talent on the roster, especially when it comes to draft picks Reuben Foster, Solomon Thomas, and Trent Taylor.

General manager John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan definitely have a plan for this team. It's going to take a little patience from the fans and the organization, but with everything that's gone on the last few years, what's a couple more? Winning is coming.

I had the chance to talk with Lynch and get to know another side of him with 5 Fun Facts. He talked about:

  • His wife and kids
  • What side of the field he started on at Stanford
  • A family name
  • His brother's athleticism
  • And his time with the Florida Marlins.

I hope you enjoyed it! You can catch more of my 5 Fun Facts series here.