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Golden Nuggets: Our 49ers are a diamond in the rough

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday October 6, 2017

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San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

I know the 49ers have not won a game yet and at times they have not looked the greatest but when I look at this team, I see a diamond in the rough. I see potential all over the field.

Let's start with our defensive line. Not only do we have Buckner beginning to turn into one of the best inside defensive lineman in the NFL, but we have Solomon Thomas starting to get comfortable with his step up from the college game. I am not sure why people thought Thomas should automatically be one of the best defensive lineman in the league by the start of the first game of the season? Buckner had his problems his rookie season as well. Just take a moment to think, what if Buckner even gets better and Thomas learns to play at the same level as Buckner? I don't see that as being that far fetched.

I know we have been having some trouble at linebacker but what happens when Foster and Reid return? Having Foster on the field changes everything and finding a way to have Reid, Tartt, and Ward on the field at the same time should go a long way to solidify our defense.

Yes, Hoyer has been beyond terrible at times, our receivers have dropped a lot of passes and we have been very undisciplined when it comes to penalties. On the other hand, just a couple less penalties, one or two less drops, and a little more confidence from Hoyer could have been the difference in the last three games.

We have Brown and Staley doing a good job with the outside blocking, we have Garcon looking ridiculously good and Trent Taylor getting better every game. Can you imagine if Kittle begins to step up and Goodwin finally settles down and starts catching passes? Can you also imagine how much easier that would make Hyde and Breida's jobs.

I personally have not given up on this team. They have not been playing together that long and we have a lot of rookies that needed some time to get their feet wet. Maybe it doesn't happen but I think this team is on the fringe of clicking together and taking their first step up from dwelling at the bottom. Maybe they have failed in the first four games but real winners do not give up and I think this teams has the beginnings of a winner.

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