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The 49ers are ready for the Colts, or something

Where a 30-second video about football players boarding a plane turns into a conversation about anxiety and the rigors of the NFL schedule.

I’m getting older, which means I understand the intricacies of social media less and less every day. I’m not sure what the value is of a 30 second video set to generic music and featuring several San Francisco 49ers boarding a plane to fly to Indianapolis for their Week 5 game against the Indianapolis Colts but ... well it exists.

The message is pretty simple, I think: the 49ers are ready for the Colts. I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean for fans of the team, of course, and what the video adds to the picture, but Fooch suggested I write a post on it to close the night so of course, I’m conceptually blasting it.

Oddly enough, I don’t watch many videos related to sports. I don’t like player interviews, press conferences or sports-related podcasts. So when Fooch sends me a link to something that I might be able to get a post out of, I dread whatever it is. Part of my own social anxiety bleeds into listening to other people talk and the awkwardness gets to me. I’m very sensitive to cringe as a result of my own diagnosed anxiety.

So maybe I should embrace the 49ers posting random, 30-second videos for seemingly no reason that don’t include any talking or interesting information aside from the fact that the team is, in fact, boarding an airplane to head to Indianapolis.

It’s the second of a three-game stint on the road, a pretty rough stint if you ask me given the short week from Thursday Night Football just before that and the crazy amount of time the 49ers spent on defense in Week 2.

They have to still be exhausted, and after playing the Colts, they’ll board another plane back to Santa Clara. And then from there, they’ll rest some, practice some and board another plane to Washington before finally playing another home game on Oct. 22 against the Dallas Cowboys.

It’s a tough schedule. Let’s see if the 49ers are up to it.