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49ers-Colts Madden 18 Simulation

Let’s see what we can pull out of this one.

The 49ers had back to back to back divisional games and finally get something outside of the NFC West: The Indianapolis Colts. They are not on the level of the completion the team has had in the last four weeks. That said, I think before any games are simulated, that the 49ers can beat the Colts. I don’t expect anything spectacular, but I think the 49ers actually have a better roster than the Colts. Only time will tell if I’m right on this assumption. Let’s see what Madden thinks.

Notable inactives for 49ers: Eric Reid, Reuben Foster
Notable inactives for Colts: Andrew Luck
Quarter Length: 6:00
Games Simulated: 3

Frank Gore cracks a bill

The former 49ers running back managed to get over 100 yards each game we simulated. His final average was 108 yards. Not bad for Frank the Tank. He also was managing to run all over the field like he was back at the U. Each yard was hard fought. You can’t expect anything less from Gore.

Carlos Hyde does not

While Hyde wasn’t horrible he failed at hitting 100 yards in each of our games. Only getting to a high of 97 yards in the first game simulated and averaging 87 yards when it was all said and done.

Colts defense comes up big

Yes, I’m as surprised as you are at reading that. The colts averaged 4 sacks a game against the 49ers offensive line. Whatever is worse, Colts defense or 49ers’ offensive line is up for debate, but the Colts D had little trouble hurrying Brian Hoyer. The 49ers offensive line has been a work in progress, but not terrible, we’ll see how it holds up against the Colts.

Average Score: 27-22, Colts

Well at least it’s not a blow out. two games were close calls, especially the first game which had Trent Taylor catching a pass to take the lead with 10 seconds left. Unfortunately in game 2, the 49ers again got blown out and lost again in the third simulation. While I think the 49ers can win in Indy, given the Colts’ issues, I also think this score is rather believable and rather accurate.