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49ers-Colts final score: Quick video breakdown from 1st half

We have some film of big plays from the first half of the 49ers vs. Colts game in Week 5.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers and Indianapolis Colts combined for a bunch of field goals and some fairly ugly play in the first half of their Week 5 matchup on Sunday. As usual, I did some work making gifs of plays that stood out to me throughout the game and posted them on my Twitter — you should follow me, I’m occasionally funny.

Now, I’ve decided that in lieu of the more in-depth film study that comes with the coaches film later in the week, I’ll compile posts each week with some of the gifs that I made during the game. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve likely seen most of these.

I like the play of the 49ers’ defensive line in the first half, but pretty much everything else was ugly for the 49ers. Linebacker play, secondary play and tackling as a whole was bad. Brian Hoyer, aside from the opening drive, was bad. The offensive line — including Joe Staley — was bad. Just yucky all around.

“Yucky” is a technical football term that only smart people use, for the record. Lets get on to your gifs for the first half, shall we? We’ll cover the second half a little bit later.

Colts trickeration fails

Once again, 49ers special teams continue to impress. They are significantly better than the offense and defense, and here they are not being fooled by an attempted lateral by the Colts. Elijah Lee really shines on this play.

Lynch gets the backside pressure

This play was a third down in the second quarter, an incompletion after Aaron Lynch gets the backside pressure on Jacoby Brissett. I love Lynch and I want to see more of him — he’s doing stuff like this on most plays. He should be getting starter-level snaps at defensive end at this point.

Dumervil gets sack No. 102

The veteran I was least-excited for this year was easily Elvis Dumervil. I figured he was done and washed up, but he’s anything but. He’s not in his prime, but Dumervil is quietly producing some big sacks, like this one that occurred on third down in the second quarter.

Please stop

I’m not sure why Hoyer attempted this throw, even if the underneath man wasn’t there to knock it down. His receiver wasn’t open. It’s a miracle this play wasn’t an interception by the Colts. A serious missed opportunity for the opponents.

Thomas, Armstead sack two players

I think Arik Armstead is a little aimless to start this play, like he’s lost sight of the ball. But he adjusts extremely well and knows where the line of scrimmage is, moving laterally to box in Brissett for the sack. Notably, I really like how Armstead and Solomon Thomas basically sacked Colts tight end Darrell Daniels in the process of sacking Brissett.