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49ers vs. Colts recap: Film study from 2nd half on Sunday

We have some video breakdowns of plays from the second half of Sunday’s game between the 49ers and Colts.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier, we took a look at some video from the first half of Sunday’s Week 5 game between the San Francisco 49ers and Indianapolis Colts. I was so bold as to say that the half was ugly, but boy I had no idea just how ugly things could get.

The 49ers completely forgot how to tackle in the second half, and Joe Staley regressed into Zane Beadles territory on the hologram scale. Matt Breida was the only bright spot.

Each week, I randomly make some gifs of plays that I found to be significant during the game. I share these on my Twitter, which you should follow because I’m a swell person, but I’ve also decided to get a couple gameday posts out of it as well.

Below, were going to look at a handful of plays from the second half. Brace yourself: most of them aren’t good unless you happen to be a fan of the Colts. I should note that most of these are before things got very interesting late in the fourth — I wanted to do a separate, more in-depth thing about what went right and what went wrong down the stretch.

Staley gives up the sack

This is the first of two really ugly plays from left tackle Joe Staley. He simply gets beat outside by his man. Even if the Colts didn’t have the delayed rusher free between Staley and Laken Tomlinson, Staley’s man would likely have dragged Hoyer down from behind.

Buckner, Dumervil split sack

As we discussed in the other gif post for today’s game, I felt next to nothing when the 49ers brought in Elvis Dumervil. But he’s been much better than anticipated, and this was the second time he got to Brissett on the day. Credit DeForest Buckner for initially causing the breakdown and pressure, of course.

Goodwin open ... too bad Hoyer is throwing the ball

Once again, we have another play where Hoyer is going to Marquise Goodwin no matter what he actually sees after the play action. Hoyer looks nowhere else, and despite Goodwin having some separation on the outside, Hoyer launches it deep, inside and way off the mark. Because of course he does.

Staley gives up the sack: part deux

Staley is beaten more thoroughly than on this play than the other one, and it’s definitely ugly. We can safely say Trent Brown has out-performed Staley after this performance.

Wait why what are you doing stop it

I’m not sure what to think about this play. On one hand, I’ve watched 49ers football before and I know for a fact that you’re not allowed to just run the football into the end zone. You have to kick a field goal, so already the Colts are breaking the rules. But the 49ers certainly don’t help themselves with exceedingly poor tackling and running into one another. Probably the ugliest play of the game

Soft zone strikes again

No big deal, just T.Y. Hilton catching a 63-yard pass while being uncovered for nearly 40 yards. Heck, if he paid more attention, he could have easily streaked away from Jimmie Ward to score a touchdown on this play. I can’t wait to look at the coaches film to see exactly what happened.