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49ers-Eagles film breakdown: Taking a look at the 3 sacks of Carson Wentz

The 49ers sacked Carson Wentz three times and we’re here to take a look at what went right for the 49ers.

San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers sacked Carson Wentz three times Week 8, though none of those sacks came from DeForest Buckner and Solomon Thomas, which is unfortunate. The 49ers have a lot riding on both of those guys, and Thomas was basically non-existent before he suffered his injury.

Buckner did looks good here and there, and nearly sacked Wentz twice. Leger Douzable earned two of the sacks, while the veteran Earl Mitchell had the other. To contrast, the Eagles hit C.J. Beathard at least seven times, and sacked him five times. We took a look at those plays already right here.

Below, we’re going to examine the three plays in which the 49ers sacked Wentz, with coaches film so we can see how the secondary was doing on the chance that the 49ers would not make it to Wentz.

Let’s get right into it.

0:51 of 1st Quarter, 2nd and 3 from PHI 17: Wentz sacked at PHI 11 for -6 yards (Earl Mitchell)

The 49ers crash the line and multiple guys get through to Wentz, but they nearly lose him as Mitchell goes to the ground briefly. Mitchell and Brock Coyle do get to Wentz before he can escape though, while Eli Harold gets blown up at the end of the play. Surprisingly, its DeForest Buckner who is the only one that can’t get any pressure on the play. Leger Douzable is also blocked well.

In the secondary, the 49ers have things well-covered because the Eagles are going for deep routes that take longer to develop than Wentz is clean for. There might be something deep late, but by then, Wentz is already scrambling and being brought down.

9:41 of 2nd Quarter, 1st and 10 from PHI 46: Wentz sacked at PHI 40 for -6 yards (Leger Douzable)

Both Buckner and Douzable beat their guys on this play. Buckner gets to Wentz first, but he can’t quite bring him down for the sack, Douzable is there to drag him down for the sack, though. Coyle also got good pressure on the play, while Ray-Ray Armstrong appears to have tripped falling over the running back.

The Eagles run three guys on quick curls, which is fine given its a first down play. But Wentz doesn’t go to those guys, and instead wants to wait for something else to develop. Unfortunately, the 49ers are on him by then. The coverage is fine on the one deep man, while the other guys are looking at a 3-4-yard gain at best. Wentz should have taken the throw.

2:57 of 2nd Quarter, 1st and 10 from SF 20: Wentz sacked at SF 27 for -7 yards (Douzable)

Solomon Thomas, Buckner and Mitchell are blocked well on the play, bout Douzable makes short work of his man brushing him aside and dragging Wentz down from behind. Wentz never saw him coming. Thomas really got handled on the play, unfortunately.

The running back gets open in the flat for what would be a decent gain early, but the 49ers close on it fast. They leave a guy uncovered underneath to the right side, and there also is a man open down the seam if Wentz can get the ball over the top of the defender. I don’t know which of those two guys on the right Wentz was gearing up to throw to, but it might have been a completion if he weren’t immediately brought down by Douzable.