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John Lynch ‘liked’ a tweet asking about the 49ers adding a wide receiver

The 49ers need wide receiver help, so we might as well overreact to a tweet John Lynch liked.

Twitter is one of the best and worst things that has come along in recent memory. On the positive side, it provides instant information, and gives people across the globe a way to chat and in some instances mobilize around common interests. On the negative side, there are truly hateful individuals using it for nefarious ends, and it is easy to lose context on 140 (and now for some, 280) character messages.

But that won’t stop us from reading waaaaay too much into a tweet San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch “liked”!

For those unfamiliar with the intricacies of Twitter, when you see someone tweet something, you can retweet it for others to see, or you can click the Like button. People like tweets for a variety of reasons. They might just want to show the tweeter they just liked what they had to say. On an individual’s account, there is a tab showing all the tweets a person has liked, so they might use it to look back on a tweet later (particularly one with an article linked to read). Which brings us to this tweet:

If you go to John Lynch’s Twitter account and check out his history of Likes, you can see the specific like. It is worth noting that Twitter can be a little funky when you’re using your phone, and you like a Tweet when you meant to like another Tweet.

This all could and probably does mean nothing. But we can’t let something like this go without some kind of overreaction, right? Someone asks about the wide receiver need, and mentions Terrelle Pryor and Martavis Bryant. John Lynch gives the tweet a like. Naturally this means the 49ers are going to pursue Pryor in the offseason? Bryant is a free agent after the 2018 season, so barring a trade or a release, we can rule that one out.

All joking aside, the 49ers do have a need at wide receiver. Pierre Garçon has been fantastic for them, but everything else has been all over the place. Marquise Goodwin was supposed to be the deep threat, but drops and struggles connecting with his quarterbacks have led to inconsistent performance. Trent Taylor is getting opportunities as a slot receiver, but has made more of an impact thus far in the return game. Aldrick Robinson has been hit and miss. And Kendrick Bourne has gotten back into being a game-day active and is a work in progress.

The 49ers have acquired Jimmy Garoppolo to hopefully be their QB of the future, and they’ll need to get him more weapons. They focused on free agency at the wide receiver position this past year, with the additions of Garçon, Goodwin, and Robinson. Will we see them make a push for a potential No. 1 in free agency, or do they spend a high draft pick at receiver?