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NFL Films Best of 49ers mic’d up includes Steve Young, Jim Harbaugh, TO, Steve Mariucci

NFL Films is celebrating their 50th anniversary of mic’ing up players and coaches this year. They are tweeting out compilations for different teams, and asking people to vote on who is the best. They released the San Francisco 49ers version on Friday, and it’s pretty spectacular.

The video includes Terrell Owens, Steve Mariucci, Steve Young, and Jim Harbaugh. The video below is 2:40 and well worth watching. You can then vote here.

They each bring a little something different. Jim Harbaugh is funny for his manic nature, with the best moment coming in his first segment. He yells that a player is going forward, and asks if it’s Canada (CFL rules allow for that). The underrated best moment is when one of the cops in the background turns around and two of them smirk at his yelling.

My favorite TO moment is when the ref tells him to be cool after scoring a touchdown, and TO says, “You be cool! This is our team!”

Steve Mariucci offers a great dry sense of humor. The best part might be when he talks about someone telling him another person’s “got game” on the basketball court. Mooch says, “What the heck does that mean.”

Steve Young’s features a lot of great humor. My favorite is when he and Ty Detmer are talking, and Detmer overstates his age. But most of the Young segments are solid, which might be enough to get my vote.

Who you going with? Vote here.