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Bay Area radio station gives out 49ers 0-16 tattoos

Honestly, only a Raiders fan should get this kind of tattoo.

Every year, there are idiots in various cities that get “Team X Super Bowl X champs” long before even the regular season is over. It happens without fail, and we can point and laugh.

Well, even a winless squad apparently can jump on ridiculous tattoo bandwagon. The morning show for Live 105 in the Bay Area is offering up 0-16 tattoos for 49ers fans. They have been inking people up this morning, and host Kevin Klein has offered up some pictures and video on his Twitter account and you can see even more here.

I have a feeling that even if the 49er finish the season 0-16, some of these people might regret this particular life choice. I won’t begrudge someone this opportunity, but in 20 or 30 years (or maybe even tomorrow), how are you going to feel about having chosen this particular event to commemorate? And if the 49ers beat the New York Giants on Sunday, how are you going to feel about it?

I’d say anybody who wants this should wait until the end of the season. It’s kind of ridiculous for 49ers fans, but I’d say if it makes sense for anybody, it would be Raiders fans.