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Golden Nuggets: The last chance for a ‘W’

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, November 11th, 2017

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have what may be their last believable chance at getting a win this season with the New York Giants. The Giants have problems of their own at the moment, namely no one not named Sterling Shepard to throw the ball to. And I thought the 49ers in 2011 were laughably bad with pass catchers. The Giants are far worse.

But given all of this, I won’t be surprised if the 49ers can’t get out with a win. The team is absolutely decimated with injuries. I don’t think I’ve seen a team get this trashed eight games in. The thing to look at is how hard they are still playing. I’ve seen a few people saying if the 49ers go 0-16 that the coaching staff should be canned. Believe me, this is not a coaching problem. Chip Kelly’s one-trick, uptempo offense was a coaching problem. Jim Tomsula’s under achieving, ridiculous scheme planning was a coaching problem. The only coaching issues is the penalties, besides that the 49ers playcalling and scheming has been good—it’s just not there yet. The 49ers are a young team, and struggling to find bodies. Someone else had an issue like this: Bill Walsh. In 1979, it got so bad that Walsh had to have tryouts with the city of San Francisco trying to get anyone to come out who could help the team.

If the 49ers get a win, I think it would help the morale of the team. I’m impressed that Shanahan still has them playing hard and we haven’t heard anything about how he’s lost the locker room yet. That’s saying something. Shanahan inherited one of the worst teams in the league. It doesn’t help when his few star players get banged up. He was the right decision and he should stick around.

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