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Madden 18 simulation: 49ers-Giants

Even in the Toilet Bowl, Madden doesn’t think highly of the 49ers.

So here’s how the simulations are usually written out: I write up the opening comments, get images and such, then I simulate the game. Basically the first few paragraphs I know just as much as you do. Then I actually sit down and start filling out my excel doc. For some odd reason, I just decided to do the opposite and get all the simulations/data completed and write the entire report.

This turned out to be an awful idea. Despite the mere three point advantage the Giants have on the 49ers in they had two convincing wins over the 49ers. Now to be fair, the 49ers were able to win game three (with both quarterbacks throwing a 66.6 completion percentage), but the proof is here. Tomorrow will be ugly.

Notable inactives for 49ers: George Kittle TE, Elijah Lee LB, Trent Taylor WR, Aaron Lynch DE
Notable inactives for Giants: Donte Deayon (CB), B.J. Goodson (LB), Devon Kennard (LB), Keenan Robinson (LB)
Quarter Length: 6:00
Games Simulated: 3

49ers defense continues to struggle

When the 49ers defense is good, the 49ers are good. That sounds a bit obvious, but the offense isn’t doing the team any favors. In two games, the 49ers lost by over 14 points. In the final game, with 6 sacks to their credit, the 49ers beat the Giants 13-6. Regardless of their pass rush, the Giants running game of all things managed to break a bill in each game. Orleans Darkwa was running all over the place. Counting those 6 sacks, the 49ers averaged a meager 2 sacks total. One game where they had one (courtesy of Solomon Thomas) and one where they had 0.

No, Carlos Hyde didn’t break 100 yards. Yet again

Not in one game. He had a paltry 65 yards average. This is due to Game 2 where he managed just 34 yards on the ground. The offense as a whole failed to get more than a couple hundred yards in any game. Not having your wide receivers will do that to you.

C.J. Beathard doesn’t do much

160 yards, 57 percent completion averages. Enough said.

Final Score: 23-10, Giants

Don’t let the above score fool you, those numbers got deflated a bit thanks to the 49ers somehow shocking the world and beating the Giants 13-6. I picked the 49ers to win this game, mostly because of the road schedule and that I’m a homer. While some would say Eli Manning is a bit overrated, he’s definitely a lot better than C.J. Beathard is at this juncture. If the 49ers defense can get things together, they can possibly pull this off, but that’s asking for quite a lot at this point in the season. The bye week can’t come soon enough.