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Video: Marquise Goodwin with 83-yard touchdown, excitement in the end zone

I imagine he was slightly relieved.

Fooch's update: We learned more about why he was so emotional. This is heart-breaking.

The San Francisco 49ers trail the New York Giants late in the second quarter, but not before wide receiver Marquise Goodwin was able to unload some frustration. Goodwin got behind the Giants secondary, and hauled in a C.J. Beathard bomb for an 83-yard touchdown.

There’s so much to like about this play, but the end of the play stood out most in a certain way. Goodwin gets into the end zone and ends up on his knees with his head down. We don’t know what’s going through his head, but given the frustrations of this season, it has to be serious relief.

Goodwin has made some plays this season, but drops have been a problem. He hauled in the pass and got away from the defender for this huge play. It was exactly why the 49ers brought him in this season.

The other part of this play I loved was Carlos Hyde’s pass protection. You can briefly see it above, but below, that part of the play is pulled out on its own. Hyde gets in there and gets a key block up the middle. That gives Beathard just enough time to connect deep with Goodwin.