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Adrian Colbert with huge hit, Eric Reid saves him from taunting penalty

The San Francisco 49ers avoided a big Eli Manning pass play in the third quarter thanks to Adrian Colbert. Adrian Colbert avoided a big penalty thanks to Eric Reid.

The Giants had a 3rd and 16 at their own 37 yard line. Tavarres King ran a corner pattern and found himself open between the 49ers defenders. He went up and had the ball in his hands when Adrian Colbert came over and drilled him. The ball was knocked out of King’s hands, and the Giants had to punt the ball.

Colbert almost turned a great play into a knucklehead play right after that. He leaned down to talk smack to King. Before he could get too much out, Eric Reid shoved him back. Colbert stumbled back but before he fell he was back up and running and celebrating. It was a big play and worthy of getting excited, but big props to Reid for keeping Colbert from doing something stupid and getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.