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Kyle Shanahan gets entirely appropriate sized Gatorade bath after first win

Win number one!

The San Francisco 49ers got their first win under new head coach Kyle Shanahan, and the celebration was entirely appropriate. There was some hugging and back-slaps, but the best part was the “Gatorade bath” Shanahan received from his players.

In the video above, you can see Shanahan and John Lynch hugging after the win. At the tail end, a couple players use Gatorade cups to throw water on Shanahan. A first career win can often get a Gatorade bath, but given that the 49ers were 0-9 leading up to the win, I agree with Oscar Aparicio when he said the Gatorade shower was appropriate sized.

You can sense some relief for the 49ers in finally getting a win. 0-16 would not have been the end of the world, but you just know Kyle Shanahan, John Lynch, and all the players did not want to hang that on the franchise. And so, we leave you with this shot of Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch hugging at the end of the game.