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49ers-Giants: Ben McAdoo admits he was out-coached

The New York Giants head coach doesn’t think his job is in jeopardy even after the loss to the 49ers

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers managed to get their first win of 2017 over the New York Giants. Opposing head coach Ben McAdoo and and his team, still only have one win for the season but McAdoo doesn’t think his job is in jeopardy. He does however admit he was out coached by Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers.

While it’s not a weekly procedure to post the opposing head coach transcript, it is significant with the comments regarding the coaching. After nine 49ers losses, Shanahan has never said anything of the sort. He has also talked significantly about the fight in the team and the effort in the games even with the overwhelming number of injuries.

Where the Giants defense seemed to lack effort on the field, at least be comforted in the fact that where the 49ers defense may have not played well, it wasn’t for lack of effort. There have been bad angles taken and missed tackles but at least it wasn’t for lack of effort or quit.

Here are McAdoo’s comments in their entirety:

Opening comments:

“Alright, a tough ball game for me to take. We knew we were going to face a hungry young football team today. We had some fight in us and it got away from us in the end. It’s important for us to realize, and I’ve talked to the team about, that every play and every game and every phase is so important in each and every game, and it got away from us today. We need to go take a long hard look at the tape, at the game, make sure we get everything corrected and be honest with each other. But give the Niners credit. They outplayed us today. They outcoached me today.”

Why do you say you were outcoached?

“Look at the scoreboard.”

What is going on with your defense? I mean, they let, you let 31 points, that’s an offense that really struggled in recent weeks. Where does, where has it gone wrong?

“Yeah, again we need to go take a long hard look at the tape. I’m not going to grade any players up here today. I’m going to make sure we go take a long look at the tape.”

What do you think about San Francisco 49ers QB C.J. Beathard on the other side?

“He played well today. He had a nice day.”

Do you think your team gave a sufficient effort, especially on defense?

“Again, I’m going to go look at the tape before I make a comment on anything.”

Are you kind of at your wits end trying to figure out what’s going on here and how to get to these guys? I mean, each week it’s something--?

“No, never. I mean, we have what, seven games left to play? We’ve got a lot of football left to play.”

Did you consider taking New York Giants CB Janoris Jenkins out? It looked like he didn’t give much effort on that San Francisco 49ers TE Garrett Celek touchdown.

“Again, we’re going to go back and take a long look at the tape, and I’ll let you know how it grades out after that.”

What did you think of his effort from first sight though, at least?

“I saw him miss a tackle. He was going up against some pretty good speed there on the long ball in the first half on that third-down play.”

Did you think there was a here we go again feeling about when--?

“No, I thought we battled back in the game. It was a back-and-forth, close, tight ball game early. I didn’t get that feeling.”

Let’s talk about your defense. The 49ers ran for over 180-yards on the ground, they punted one time and average about six punts a game. How disappointed are you in the defense?

“Again, we’re going to go take a look at the tape and make sure we be honest with each other after we look at the film.”

And you said you saw fight in your team today. What was the evidence there? What did you see--?

“Just, it was close. It was tight early, offense responded. I thought there were some early scores that we gave up, rallied down. We need to take advantage of the turnover that we got. Defense created a turnover and a heck of a play by [New York Giants DE Olivier Vernon] OV there. We need to take advantage of that, but I thought we moved the ball consistently, had some fight in us, made them go the long way. We just, you know, we’ve got to go take a look at the tape.”

In your head, when did this game turn in the third quarter?

“Yeah, somewhat there in the middle of the third quarter. When you, it’s an 11-point game, it’s a two score ball game, you’re down a touchdown, you’re down two point conversion and a field goal, it’s a, you know, when you have a two possession game, you’re always in striking distance. Even if it gets you know, under a minute, you kick a field goal, onside kick, score a touchdown and go for two. So, any time it’s within 11, you’ve got a nice chance there. Once it starts to get into multiple scores, you really got to change the way you want to play. We have that in us. We didn’t get it done.”

You’re 1-8. You just lost to a team that was winless coming in. Is this, do you find that embarrassing?


Well, what did you find embarrassing? Is there a point where you would be embarrassed by--?

“I’m not embarrassed by this team.”

Do you worry at all about your job security after all this?

“No, that doesn’t have anything to do with anything. We have to find a way to win a game. We have to go address what happened out here on the field today, take a look at the tape and be honest with each other.”

I think it’s the fifth straight game in which you attempted a field goal that New York Giants K Aldrick Rosas has missed one, and you could have kept it a one possession game after they scored the touchdown. Do you need to reassess your kicking situation?

“Yeah, can’t kick the ball out of bounds and we’ve got to make the field goals. Every point counts, every play counts and every situation, it’s all important, especially now for us. We’ve got to make kicks. We’ve got to keep the ball in play.”

Was it frustrating to see the early turnover after emphasizing that so strongly all week coming off of the last game?

“You’re never happy to see turnovers, but frustrated isn’t a word I’d use.”

What did you think of that play? What happened? What was the--?

“It looked like he tried to push the ball out at the end. I don’t know if he was trying to throw it or what the case may be, but I haven’t had a chance to talk to him about it yet.”

Do you need to address your situation with the team? Because, there’s going to be speculation going--?

“What situation? We have to go correct the tape, alright? We have to get ready for our next ball game. We have a chance to play probably one of the best teams in football next week. So, you know, there’s no situation.”

At 1-8 you’ve got a pretty veteran team. What do tell them to try and keep them motivated?

“Again, we have to do one thing first. We have to look at the tape first. We have to figure out what went wrong, we’ve got to address it, we’ve got to fix it, we’ve got to move on, and we’ll talk about motivation next week. They’re pro-football players. They need to be self-motivated. Everybody gets a paycheck this week and we need to go out and play that way.”