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49ers-Giants recap: Film from the 1st half of San Francisco win

A quick look at film from the first half of the 49ers 31-21 win over the New York Giants.

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants combined for what was, predictably, a very ugly game. It was a very ugly first half, especially, and then it got a bit less ugly for the 49ers. More accurately, it got less ugly nearer the end of the first half.

Unless you happen to be a fan of the Giants, of course. That was a game that was all-too familiar for 49ers fans, except they were on the other side of it. Throughout the game, I captured some gifs for a few breakdowns, which I will post in two parts, one on the first half and one on the second.

These aren’t a full breakdown or anything like that, just a selection of noteworthy plays from each half. There will be full breakdowns of sacks and other big plays later in the week. For now, let’s see what the first half had to offer.

Starting things off right

Nothing like a huge Carlos Hyde run to start the game. Hyde takes it left, then changes direction and picks up some great yardage. Good blocking from C.J. Beathard on the play as well. There was also a late hit call on the Giants, so an even more productive play. Pity the 49ers only got a field goal out of it.

Bad tackling, once again

Not the strongest play from cornerback Dontae Johnson, nor the strongest tackling by Adrian Colbert. This could have been a lot worse. And should have.

The Juice is loose ... unfortunately

Kyle Juszczyk didn’t have the strongest start to his Sunday. He was stopped short on a fourth down run and he had this fumble, his second in as many weeks. For an all-purpose offensive weapon, he’s giving Kyle Shanahan plenty of excuses to not use him.

Blair with the strip sack

I still think it’s possible Manning is trying to do some kind of ill-conceived throw here, but it’s also possible that Blair’s helmet knocks Manning’s elbow, forcing the change in direction. But either way, Blair made very short work of Justin Pugh on the right side.

Hyde with the key block on Goodwin TD

Nothing like a beautiful pass, beautiful catch and beautiful touchdown ... save for the huge block from the running back to set it all up. Hyde really goes for that block, freeing Beathard to make that throw. One of my favorite plays of the year.

Reid NEARLY makes the adjustment

What stood out to me here is how close Reid came to recovering properly. He gets beaten off the line by Engram, and then makes an adjustment, but he doesn’t turn around in time and the perfectly-thrown ball sails over his head for the touchdown. A bad play, but it nearly wasn’t.

Goodwin block sets up the TD

There’s some bad, bad Giants tackling on this play, but also a very good block from Goodwin, who doesn’t fit the typical mold of a hard-blocking receiver. He went down on the play with an injury, but fortunately he bounced back up shortly after. Good touchdown!