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49ers-Giants video: Carlos Hyde’s best runs from Week 10

We take a look at four of Carlos Hyde’s best runs against the Giants on Sunday.

New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers running back Carlos Hyde had another productive day on Sunday against the New York Giants. He carried the ball 17 times for 98 yards, a per-carry average of 5.8 yards. It was his second-best rushing game of the season, and he played a huge part in the 49ers getting their first win.

On the season, Hyde has rushed 141 times for 592 yards and four touchdowns, with a per-carry average of 4.2 yards. This is in the face off some pretty awful blocking from key players and the fact that the 49ers were consistently playing from behind in games. He also has caught 42 passes for 274 yards.

Hyde is set to hit free agency at the end of the year and I sincerely hope the team brings him back. Below, I’m taking a look at a handful of plays from Sunday’s game against the Giants, all runs and all positive. He had some bad plays, but for now, we’re focusing on the positive gains.

Let’s get to it.

15:00 in 1st Quarter, 1st and 10 from SF 40: Hyde left tackle pushed ob at NYG 32 for 28 yards (D. Thompson) PENALTY on Thompson, Unnecessary Roughness

This was the first play of the game, and it was a good one. This play is clearly not supposed to cut back across the field, and Hyde is nearly brought down for a big loss. But he slips that guy, changes direction and C.J. Beathard puts in a ton of effort getting out there for a block.

As you can see from this angle, it’s Laken Tomlinson who completely misses his block. Trent Brown also struggles a bit, but he gets his big body in the way enough. Daniel Kilgore actually gets out there and blocks well — he tends to do his best work when he gets out in space, as he did in this play. This angle also shows you just how egregious the late hit was.

8:54 of 2nd Quarter, 2nd and 15 from SF 10: Hyde right end to SF 17 for 7 yards (J. Casillas, K. Sheppard)

This is just a decent run for a modest gain, but there are a couple things that stood out to me. Most notably, look at Brown absolutely dominating his man, shoving him back nearly 10 yards before the play is done. Garrett Celek also makes a nice block sealing the edge at the last minute, which was the difference between a 3-yard gain and a 7-yard gain.

It might have been a bigger gain if Kilgore didn’t do so poorly on his initial block of the eventual tackler. I’m not sure if Kilgore thought it was a run up the middle, but he basically fell into the man he was supposed to block, and that guy was the eventual tackler.

1:56 of 2nd Quarter, 2nd and 2 from SF 32: Hyde left end to SF 42 for 10 yards (L. Collins, Jason Pierre-Paul)

Celek got more than he bargained for on this play, but he kept himself engaged — thanks to the Giants player not necessarily trying to disengage, and Hyde squeezed through the gap between those two and the linebacker, who missed the tackle. Tomlinson goes outside to make a block, and he does well enough going low.

I like Kilgore going deep to make that block on the second level, even if it didn’t necessarily result in bigger gains. If the right side holds up a little better — namely Brandon Fusco not getting held up, but he was. Brown knocks a man down and by then is far past the play.

8:55 of 3rd Quarter, 2nd and 10 from NYG 33: Hyde left end pushed ob at NYG 12 for 21 yards (D. Thompson, C. Munson)

I really don’t like Tomlinson starting this play by going for the guy at the next level, and actually missing him. He does limit the damage a bit when he turns around. Joe Staley nearly loses his man off the line, between himself and Tomlinson, but he recovers to make the block. Once again, Kilgore does some good work on the run, but the real star here is Marquise Goodwin, who takes the first tackler out of the play.