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Could 49ers extend a 2018 free agent during the bye week?

The 49ers will have nearly $100 million in cap space a year from now. Will they get a deal done for one of their pending free agents this bye week?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have some big names hitting the open market in 2018, names that have been with the team since the previous regime, headed by Trent Baalke. We don’t know exactly how the team feels about most of those players, or if John Lynch is the kind of general manager who believes in midseason extensions.

We only know that K’Waun Williams was given a multi-year deal this season, which is notable given Williams is a player who was brought in by this current regime. So there still isn’t any real information on how the team feels about big names like defensive end Tank Carradine, running back Carlos Hyde, safety Eric Reid and a long list of others.

“We talk a lot about where we see these players, and a lot of the guys here I know for sure that are guys that I want back here,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said on Monday. “I definitely have seen enough of that to realize that. “

With a bye week, the 49ers have some time to take a breath and see where things are. I’m interested to see whether or not the team tries to extend any of their big-name players during said bye week. It would be a good time to get things done, and still early enough that some players who might otherwise be tempted to try the open market could be persuaded to get a deal done now.

Hyde comes to mind for that category. Hyde is a top-flight running back deserving of a top-flight contract. There is the perception that Kyle Shanahan doesn’t like to spend big money on running backs, but Hyde has proven himself as the franchise back for the 49ers. I also think he could earn more money with another team, and could produce more with another team.

“But, a lot of our free agents that are up, I'm not going to speak about any of them individually, but there are definitely a number of guys that we haven't obviously redone yet but they have shown that they are guys that we want around,” Shanahan said.

Now would be a good time to get Hyde extended. With someone like Carradine, the team might want to see him play some after returning from his injury, but he looked great to start the season. Brock Coyle has been effective as a backup player, while the team obviously needs to see what Jimmy Garoppolo can do.

Aaron Lynch is the most interesting, to me. I still think he’s the most talented pass rusher on the team, but he has never seemed to be in the favor of this coaching staff. He’s also been injured quite a bit.

Either way, do you think the 49ers could wind up extending somebody this bye week?