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Video: Celebration, game balls mark 49ers locker room after first win

This video shows a huge range of emotions.

The San Francisco 49ers locker room was jubilant after securing their first win this past Sunday, but the range of emotions is something else entirely. The 49ers posted a two minute video following the game in which we hear some speeches and see some celebration. Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch were both in the midst of the players, and game balls went out to Marquise Goodwin, Shanahan, and Lynch.

The 49ers have an interesting dynamic with their head coach and general manager. We have heard time again how this is a partnership, and it even showed in how the game balls went out. Shanahan gave Goodwin his game ball, then Lynch gave Shanahan a game ball. Finally, Elvis Dumervil gave Lynch a game ball. Dumervil played with Lynch in Denver at the tail end of the latter’s career.

The video is worth a watch when you get a minute. If you can’t see it above, check it out here.