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Bills bench Tyrod Taylor for Nate Peterman two days after saying they would not bench him

The front office and coaching staff do not seem to be on the same page.

The Buffalo Bills are officially a mess. They are 5-4 and still in the playoff race, but their quarterback situation has grown entirely problematic. The Bills announced on Wednesday they are benching quarterback Tyrod Taylor, and rookie Nathan Peterman will start this Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Bills have lost two straight games, but the decision is still an odd one. On Monday, head coach Sean McDermott stated Taylor is the starter and they are not making a change. Two days later, the change happens.

This change would seem to suggest the decision came from upstairs, but it’s hard to say for sure. The coaches watched plenty of film and might have changed their minds, but to do that from Monday to Wednesday still seems a bit odd.

I bring this up here at NN in part because we seem to have a coaching staff and front office on the same page at this point. The 49ers have a quarterback situation with a lot of questions. Jimmy Garoppolo might start after the bye, or maybe the team will wait. We’ve heard a variety of reports, but it all comes down to when Garoppolo is comfortable with the offense. My guess is he does start in Week 12 against the Seattle Seahawks, but I am not remotely confident in that assertion.

That being said, I know that at least for now Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch appear to be on the same page with how this will all be handled. The Bills on the other hand? I really don’t know what’s going on there.