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2018 NFL Draft: Which team presents the best chance at a Browns win?

The Browns own the top pick. Will they keep it?

Cleveland Browns v Detroit Lions Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers have been up against the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants when it comes to the first overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. San Francisco hurt itself with the win over the Giants, but they are still firmly in the running for said top pick.

But it’s hard to imagine them overtaking the Browns. The 49ers will likely have a stronger strength of schedule than both the Giants and Browns for the remainder of the season and won’t play the Browns, so things are going to come down to raw wins and losses, most likely.

The Browns are completely winless and have rarely looked competitive on the season. They fought closely against the Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets, but have been on the losing end of some really sad games.

Statistically, their best shot at winning to this point was their game against the Tennessee Titans in Week 7. That was one of the worst games of the season, a 12-9 overtime victory for the Titans in which neither team rushed for more than 80 yards and no touchdown passes were thrown.

Now the question is this: what’s their next-best chance at winning a game?

They will play the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cincinnati Bengals, Los Angeles Chargers, Green Bay Packers, Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears and Steelers before the season is done, in that order. The Jaguars are up next, and I don’t feel positive when it comes to the Browns’ chances of winning that game.

But after that, they’ll play the Bengals, and I think that’s where their best shot lies.

The Browns haven’t won the turnover battle in a single game this season, and currently sit with a minus-13 turnover differential. They have 10 total takeaways and a whopping 23 total giveaways, and I think their best shot of winning a game will happen when they have a chance at winning that battle.

The Bengals are sitting at minus-nine in turnover differential. The Ravens are probably the next-worst team on that list, but they are 10th in the league in turnover differential at plus-four. The Bears are minus-five, and another good place for the Browns to potentially get a win.

Of course, they need two wins to outpace the 49ers, provided the 49ers lose out.