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Joe Staley has definitely watched a lot of Billy Madison

Get your Joe Staley apron giveaway on November 26

The San Francisco 49ers return to action in Week 12 when they host the Seattle Seahawks on November 26. Every home game features a giveaway, and the Week 12 giveaway is a Joe Staley jersey apron. Every fan in attendance will get one.

It’s a pretty solid apron if you need something in the kitchen, but the team’s promotional video for it is pretty great. You can watch the above, or click here.

They re-enact the scene from Billy Madison where the lunch lady hands out sloppy joe’s. It’s not at all surprising that Joe Staley gets into the role as the lunch lady. I have no doubt he has watched Billy Madison more times than he can count. He just strikes me as an Adam Sandler fan, and he does a great job with it.