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Better Rivals podcast: “It was a single game, but it was a good game.”

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On this week’s episode of the Better Rivals podcast, it’s the first Win Wednesday of the Kyle Shanahan era! How on earth did C.J. Beathard morph into a good quarterback for one week? (1:24) What did Shanahan draw up to get Goodwin open for a long touchdown? (8:04) And which run play keyed the 49ers’ success on the ground? (26:26) All that, plus another rookie stands out as our Spotlight Player of the Week (32:08), 49ers’ quarterbacks can’t stop throwing to running backs (42:22), and K’Waun Williams is a target magnet.

ALERT: We’ll be doing a Reddit AMA on the 49ers Subreddit Tuesday, November 21st around 7pm. Join us!